The Hopeless Child 's Reputation Essay

1110 Words Sep 11th, 2015 null Page
At the age of sixteen Thyree Snead had nothing on his mind but escaping the judgmental students and teachers at Triton High School in Dunn, North Carolina. He wasn’t encouraged to prosper in school. His older brother, dealing drugs and gang banging, was not a motivating, positive role model. The hopeless child’s reputation was set before he crossed the high school threshold. His parents lost custody of him in his early teens, tossing him into foster care. On the young man’s sixteenth birthday he couldn’t sign the papers quick enough. Thyree dropped out of high school, joined his brother’s gang and will never have the opportunity to find his true success. Should Thyree Snead have the ability to make such a life altering choice at such an impulsive age? No. Sixteen year olds do not have the mental maturity to weigh their actions and consequences. What they don’t realize is how dramatically they are impacting their lives, which is why the legal drop out age in North Carolina should be increased from sixteen to eighteen years old. Many may argue that as long as the parents give consent it should be legal and allowed. I, on the other hand, feel that in today’s society many children who consider dropping out do not have the proper parental guidance to support them in making the correct decisions. Guardians of these broken children often times discourage them from gaining an education due to the fact that they don’t want to be responsible for them any longer or pay for furthering…

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