Effects Of Education In Catcher In The Rye

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There is a quote from a man named Bill Frist that reads, “Education is the gateway to achieving the American Dream,” In the Catcher in the Rye, Holden is facing many obstacles in education. He has been kicked out of countless schools, and really has no interest in his education. He would most likely drop out if his parents were to let him. There a problems with the education system that Holden faces, that continue to be a problem today. One problem is that students are allowed to drop out at the age of sixteen. No one is considered an adult until eighteen. If a student drops out they are making a choice that is going to impact the rest of their life. If someone were to prevent that choice until they are legally an adult, it helps more teens to graduate and participate in school. There was a lecture by Ken Robinson that is titled Do Schools Kill Creativity? If Holden were to be interested in school, he would most likely learn more. Although The Catcher in the Rye does not portray the contemporary state of the American Dream, because the American …show more content…
They could argue that Holden could choose to drop out, but does not. And that that shows kids most likely will not drop out. However, the only reason that Holden does not seem to drop out is his parents. If it were an option, he most likely would. This way, if schools did not let students drop out until eighteen, it would not be an option. Also, if the education system were to target students’ creativity, they may not feel the need to drop out. They may also argue some students need to drop out to help support their family. But in order to support their family, it would make their career choices in the future limited, not having a high school diploma. In order for students to live up to their potential, they need to learn as much as possible while in high school. Students are given an option to achieve the American Dream, so they should get to do

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