Evm Persuasive Essay

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The first passage describe how some people feel that electronic voting is easier then doing the paper voting. that it could be easier for all people in different ways, this is called the EVM an eletronic machine that make things easier. Also its a way that everyone have a chance to vote noone is left out no matter when you live. They have different studies proving their fact. Such as The 20% of people that are less likely to vote because of there abilities to! People argue that it is more lke a head on tool that speak different languages and etc, Stating that it is good for the people with Disabilities and as far as the security that there's less worring and basically a care free situation. The second passage decribes why it is a bad idea for the EVM. That even tho they think that it could be perfect for voting that everything has it flaws thats …show more content…
These are supporter that feel that doing it the paper way will be way better then the EVM way any day. that why use a unknown machine when you can use your own common knowlege and get A better resuilt! I Believe that the EVM could Be a problem.why? Sometimes those machines could be to much. As Far in breaking down in ect, Dealing with machines could come with alot. Yeah granted it may be easier but easy isn't always better. For Examle: I was working at this job and We use machines, When the machine broke down we had to go back to the manual and redue the whole job. It was better then we did it working on a machine. We were also able to see where we went wrong at! That right there sould tell you that sometime you can't trust those machine and sometime the easier way is not always the best way. I also believe that if paper ballots were a big issue that they wouldnt have it this long. its been working great for years without many issues. Why stop now cause everything is now becoming

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