Essay about The Hopeful Christmas Party Is A Great Organization

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“We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!” The special time of the year is slowly approaching. What a better way to celebrate “the best time of the year” than by attending the annual Hopeful Christmas Party. The Hopeful Christmas Party is an organization which assists the needy people within the community by giving them an opportunity to eat food and giving them gifts. It is an all-day event that has intriguing activities, delicious food, and more. The Hopeful Christmas Party will be open for the whole community to attend, in addition to all the poverty-stricken individuals and families. The Hopeful Christmas Party is a great organization because it helps the community unite, assists those in need, and gets the local businesses involved. This event helps further bring the community together. According to Aol news, “half of Americans don’t know the names of their neighbors” (“Why don’t Americans,” paragraph 2). The Hopeful Christmas Party is an event that invites all members of the community to attend, despite who they are. People can mingle and get to know their neighbors and accentually gain long lasting friendships. This annual celebration is similar to the Shopapalooza event that takes place annually at St. Petersburg, Florida. The Hopeful Christmas Party venue will be at Hope Baptist Church and Academy. There will be fun Christmas games to participate in like pin the beard on Santa, guess the Santa Goodies, and Santa Hat Ring Toss. The food for the day…

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