The Homicide Of Eric Garner Essay

1895 Words Dec 10th, 2014 8 Pages
A recent newsworthy issue that is shocking people all over is the decision for the chokehold homicide of Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York. The grand jury decided not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo of the NYPD. This decision left people all over New York and in many other states outraged. Many people have lost faith in our Criminal Justice System. The grand jury 's refusal to indict the cop raises many important questions. In this case, justice is not being served at all. Although Eric Garner was committing a crime, it was unwarranted for the cop to use a choke hold on him while trying to detain him. Daniel Pantaleo exerted excessive force and it was all caught on camera. About 20 years ago, the NYPD banned the chokehold. In 1993, Raymond Kelly added onto the 1985 order to ban chokeholds in the police department. “That order said that "choke holds, which are potentially lethal and unnecessary, will not be routinely used." An exception was when an officer 's life was in danger and the choke hold was the "least dangerous alternative method of restraint." The new policy allows no exceptions”(Fisher, 1993). Was Eric Garner a criminal? The answer is yes. Was Daniel Pantaleo 's life in danger and the choke hold was the least dangerous method of restraint? The answer is no. What he did is not justified whatsoever. There was a need to detain Garner, but to detain him in such a violent way that results in a death is unacceptable. It seems as if nowadays cops…

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