The Homeless Problem Of Los Angeles Essay

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Los Angeles is well known for its overpopulation, tall structures and ideal weather. It is portrayed as an ideal place to live. An issue that is often over looked and ignored is the homeless crisis in Los Angeles. In a 2015 Los Angeles Times article, “How Los Angeles’ homeless crisis got so bad” Shelby Grad and Gale Holland, question the severity of the homeless crisis through various questions. For instance, “Is the homeless population really increasing?”, “Why is this happening?”, and “Is there a cycle of homelessness among the working poor?” are amongst some question discussed in the article. The most crucial question discussed in the article is, “How did L.A’s homeless problem got so bad?” Los Angeles had to declare a state of emergency on homelessness, and commit $100 million towards housing and other services for homeless people.
Key Term(s) Stigma is when people have negative beliefs, views or attitudes about individuals that belong to a certain group. Stigma often results in discrimination, such as excluding people with learning disabilities or mental health issues from experiences and actives that are open to others. Many individuals are not aware or recognize that stigmas have been embedded in our day to day basis, through our behavior and language we engage in discrimination against particular groups of people who differ. The effects of stigma and social exclusion vary, but can range from financial insecurity to inability to find a safe place to live.…

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