The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts Essay

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The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

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Robert Ortiz Jr.

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August 17, 2012

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
The Coming / Filling of the Holy Spirit 2
The Holy Spirit Speaks through Believers 4
The Holy Spirit Speaks to Believers 4

The Holy Spirit Works Miracles through Believers 6

The Holy Spirit Builds a Church 6

Conclusion 6

Bibliography 8

Introduction Jesus Christ’s work of redemption on
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Bock states, “The Spirit, not the angel of verse 26, now directs Philip to go…” The latter correctly speaks to the Holy Spirit’s ability to speak audibly to a believer.
The Holy Spirit speaks to Paul. In Acts 20:23, Paul speaks to how the Spirit warns him that nothing but bad times is ahead. Bock writes that, “Acts 20:23 makes clearer that the Holy Spirit has told Paul that imprisonment and afflictions (note the plural) await him there.” Paul, in the very next verse, counts his life nothing; all he wants to do is finish the race begun for Christ. The Holy Spirit has influence over believers and what there are capable of doing with His empowerment. The unbeliever witnesses this marvelous undertaking and cannot be but moved to decide to for Christ. Even still, there are many who would not believe.
The Holy Spirit Works Miracles through Believers The Spirit not only fills, speaks through, and speaks to believers; He also enables the work of miracles, such as healings and raising people from dead. Peter and Paul would carry out most of the miracles written in Acts. Interestingly enough, a couple of miracles they would perform parallel one another. Peter heals a lame man (Acts 3:6). Paul heals a cripple (Acts 14:10). Peter raises Tabatha from dead (Acts 9:40). Paul raises Eutychus from dead (Acts 20:10).
In any event, it was the power bestowed on them through

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