The Holy Spirit As A Being Is Very Well Known Throughout The Scriptures Of The Bible

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The Holy Spirit as a being is very well known throughout the scriptures of the Bible. The Holy Spirit is revealed first in Genesis 1:2 and is talked about frequently throughout the rest of the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit is also mentioned in the New Testament just as much as the Old Testament, but the best description of his works and being are described in the Gospel of John. In this paper I will examine the being of the Holy Spirit and his works as it is explained within the Gospel of John. The works of the Holy Spirit will contain passages from John chapters 1, 4, 6, 7, and the final message in chapters 14 through 16 as well as the giving of the Holy Spirit which is found in John chapter 20. This paper will express how the being of the Holy Spirit should be grasped and more importantly, how His work still affects us as Christians today.

The Being of The Holy Spirit

The first mention of the being of the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John is found in John 1:32. In this passage it is documented by John the Baptist that the Spirit descended on Jesus as a dove from heaven, which aligns with the scriptures from the Synoptic gospels that records a similar event. The Gospel of John begins with a reference to Genesis in the Old Testament, with his use of the expression, “in the beginning.” John also continues his reference to Genesis with the message of the Spirit at Jesus ' baptism. In Genesis 1:2, the Spirit of the Lord is said to be “hovering over the face of the…

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