The Holocaust Of World War II Essay

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In 1933 one of the most tragic genocides began. The Holocaust is one of the most well

known genocide durning World War II. Jews, gays, and disabled people where often the ones

placed in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Some may try to deny history, saying that

the Holocaust never happened, but there is hard evidence, as well as many survivors, that prove

its occurrence.

The Holocaust was a devastating genocide during Word War II. It took place under Nazi

Germany and lasted from 1933 to 1945. During that time period millions upon millions of people

died. The most well known group that was discriminated and persecuted were the Jewish people.

There were many groups of people who were murdered as well like Soviet prisoners and

civilians, people with disabilities, homosexuals and German political figures that went against

the anti-semitism movement. When people hear about the Holocaust one big question comes to

mind, who could have lead the German people to let this happen. The man to cause this horrific

massacre was Adolf Hitler. He had a normal childhood growing up in Vienna and he intended on

perusing an art career, but after fighting in World War I everything changed. He became very

involved with politics and ended up becoming the leader of Germany, by 1934. Once in power

Hitler started to discriminate against those that were not part of his “pure race.” Millions upon

millions of people died because of him. Some people try to deny the…

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