The Holocaust And The Japanese Internment Camps Essay

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Some might say that history might be repeating itself with everything that is going on.
There are many things going on in this world with the Syrian refugees that can be compared to what happened in the Holocaust and the Japanese being put in the internment camps. The things that are happening in syria right now and the refugees wanting to leave is similar to what happened with the Jews in Germany. The Holocaust was a very difficult time for the jews. Adolf Hitler was mostly the one to blame for almost everything. He made people believe that the Jews were the cause for their loss in World War l and the debt they were in. You might think how did he make all those countries believe in such absurd things? He used propaganda to manipulate all of these peoples mind. He did it little by little putting bad thought in these people’s minds about the Jews. As they started believing him more and more he started doing more dangerous things to try and harm the Jews like send them to the ghettos. The ghettos were so the Jews to be isolated from everybody else in the country. While in the ghetto the Jews didn 't really mind being in there and they made the best of it. The Nazis realized this and didn’t like how they were happy when they were supposed to be miserable. They then started selection which was when they started sending the Jews to the camps section by section of the ghettos. While they were doing the selection they separated…

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