The European Refugee Crisis

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This year alone Europe has had over 300,000 refugees seeking asylum. A refugee is a person that had been forced to escape their country in order to get away from war, persecution, or natural disaster. Europe is currently facing an extreme influx of refugees unseen since World War 2. During, World War 2 many people needed to escape from the damages that the Holocaust had caused, Europe had an abundance of displaced people. With diverse problems in Syria, many people need to escape the brutalities that the war between different actors has caused. This paper will use a constructivist theory to help us make sense of the reasons for Europe’s inability to provide an efficient united response to the refugee crisis. Primarily, because the European …show more content…
Consequently, a relationship between domestic affairs and international affairs is developed. While constructivist may not believe that history may not determine the outcome of a situation, it does impact the source of the situation. The facts of a state 's history are important in understanding why certain states turn away refugees while others embrace them. For example, the diverse issues happening in Syria impacts the areas that refugees will seek asylum. Different ethnic groups have different allies due to the way support has been given to various parties in Syria’s war. In recent years “migration and asylum issues have become important topics of contemporary security politics in Europe”(6) prompted by the increase in migration since the end of World War 2. This is because, the Holocaust caused many Germans to seek asylum in other countries. Promptly, leading Germany to be one of the leading countries accepting refugees. At that time, America had stepped up and took a leadership role in accepting migrants. By accepting, a large amount of refugees the Unites States played an important role in international affairs. Compared to a country like Hungry who has closed its borders to refugees and many theorist would say is xenophobic. With it’s history of “Ottoman rule in the 16th and 17th centuries”.(3) Many states are afraid of the possible threat refugees have based on their own history as well as the history of the states. Initially, muslim people were not feared, until the abrupt attack of 9/11 in the United Staes. Then, multiple current bombing in Europe by extremist has led to the fear of Syrian migrants. Although, this idea implanted about muslims is a sterotypes, much like the one that was around about jewish people during World War 2 it has impacted Europe 's ability to effectively address the issue of migrants within it’s borders. It is now the time for Europe to take on this

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