An Analysis Of Devil's Quest: The Infamous Tragedies Of The Holocaust

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Devil’s Quest:
The Infamous Tragedies of the Holocaust on the Jews
Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. He initiated World War II and oversaw Nazi policies that resulted in millions of deaths. The Holocaust was one of the twentieth century’s greatest tragedies that was generated by widespread anti-Semitism, absolute terror, and human experimentation. Anti-Semitism in Germany resulted in many difficulties on Jews during the Holocaust. The Nazis and their collaborators terrorized Jews by taking away their rights and sending them into camps where many unpleasant happenings occurred, and German doctors experimented on Jews without consent.
On January 30, 1933 President Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany.
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Concentration camps were established to incarcerate political adversaries, trade unionists, political protesters, communists, and others. “In concentration camps prisoners were forced to work. They were also starved, tortured, and murdered.” (Florida Center for Instructional Technology, 2013) Jews who were selected to live became workers and objects of scientific experimentation. Their heads were shaved and tattooed, and they were given lightweight clothing. The barracks that Jews were confined to were overcrowded and there was a terribly high death rate from starvation, weather, and disease. (Aldridge, 1987) Death camps were created to murder a vast number of Jews more efficiently. The task of constructing death camps was given to a man named Himmler. In what is now called Poland, six death camps were established: Auschwitz, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibór, Majdanek, and Treblinka. The death camp Auschwitz averaged approximately two-thousand executions per day until early 1945. By May of 1945 nearly six-million Jews were executed. (Holocaust Memorial Center, …show more content…
These experiments were conducted on thousands of concentration camp Jews and other prisoners without consent. Some medical experimentation aspired to promote the racial and ideological beliefs of the Nazi perspective and "Jewish racial inferiority." There were also experiments intended to test pharmaceuticals and treatment plans for injured German military personnel to enable their survival. Other experiments included freezing Jews and other prisoners to find an effective treatment for hypothermia. At the concentration camps Sachsenhausen, Dachau, Natzweiler, Buchenwald, and Neuengamme, immunization mixtures were tested by scientists for the prevention and treatment of contagious diseases. The Ravensbrueck camp was the site of bone-grafting experiments and experiments to test the efficiency of newly developed sulfonamide drugs. At Natzweiler and Sachsenhausen, Jews and other prisoners were subjected to phosgene and mustard gas in order to test possible antidotes. At Auschwitz and Ravensbrueck, scientists tried to develop an efficient and inexpensive procedure for the mass sterilization of Jews by a series of sterilization experiments. These were meant to further Nazi racial goal. (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2015)
The Holocaust was a time of suffering and injustice for Jews. Hitler and the Nazis had a ruthless mindset, their hatred of Jews caused millions of deaths.

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