The Pros And Cons Of Syrian Refugees

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Today, the United States is encountering a major debate on whether or not they should let in more Syrian refugees. When the time comes for the United States to be asked as haven, the country 's actions and innactions addressing the problems behind and of the refugees, defnitely does go down in history. The United States has been seen as a "... world leader in recognizing the moral obligation to resettle refugees." So, once the county fails to meet expectations, the country is then questioned upon its title, and the world lay on its shoulders[1]. There are two big events in which others look back on in comparison to today 's current event. There was the refugee crisis of 1939 and the deportation of the Hungarian Jews, both occurring during the holocaust. In the United States, the Depression’s economic hardships in the 1930 's intensified anti semitism and xenophobia. The US State Department enforced restrictive immigration laws limiting the issuance of visas, making it difficult for Jews to enter the United States. So in June of 1939, the US turned away what 's believed to have been over nine hundred refuge seeking Jews aboard the MS. Saint Louis. This event was the first governmental incident of anti-Jewish sentiment . These refuge seekers, had come from …show more content…
Under president Obama, there will be more refugees coming into our country, and people are going to have to deal with the fact that it is the right thing to do. Many Syrians are in need of refuge and haven. Many neighboring countries have already done their part by taking in tens of thousands of the refugees. The U.S. only taking in 0.03% of the 11 million, it is only fair for the States to accept a lot more than just 1,000 more. [ (8)]. The U.S. already and still regrets what they did and didn 't do during the holocaust, not letting in refugees now, could have the same effect 80 years later

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