Syrian Refugees Pros And Cons

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In the United States of America there is a question that all politicians are being asked. Should the U.S. government accept syrian refugees into the U.S.? There are a large amount of pros and cons from either side of the argument. One of the problems that would affect the U.S. population is the probability of a terror attack from these refugees. Do the american people really want to take the chance that one of them has ties with ISIL and is just looking to cause an attack on american soil? In Europe there are thousands upon hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees are imagrating. Only one of those people as of now has actually caused a terror attack. But do the american people really want to take that chance. Even though the European Union …show more content…
is very far into debt as a country and the U.S. spends more than it makes. “Today’s Federal Debt is about $19,117,655,871,000” (Chantrill). If the U.S. were to accept syrian refugees it would cost a lot. President Obama said that he would like to accept 10,000 refugees to start. It would cost about 1,000 dollars a person to settle these refugees. That is 10,000,000 dollars to settle syrian refugees and that is only the settling part. It will cost much more than that over time for food and housing and at this point in time the U.S. is not reasonably able to pay for that amount of refugees. When refugees arrive the government normally places them in families around the U.S. but there has been very little refugees from the middle east in the past few years and to let 10,000 refugees into the U.S. at one time could be very damaging to the U.S. The government would have to build places for them to live which would cost a lot or they would have to find someplace for them to live and the people that live in that area might not want them to live there. This may cause problems. The government states that these refugees would have to get jobs but some places might not want syrian refugees working there so it may be hard for them to find jobs. If these refugees can’t get jobs the government is going to have to pay for them making it cost

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