Anne Frank Rhetorical Analysis

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“As the Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel warned years ago, to forget a Holocaust is to kill twice” (Chang, 1997); the Holocaust is such a gargantuan massacre that ignorance of it would be, arguably, another mass killing. The Holocaust not only resulted in the murder of millions of innocent people but also left deep scars on those who survived—the ones who knew the horror better than anyone else could possibly do. In the article from Tablet Magazine, James Kirchick argues that the Holocaust should not be universalized because it would greatly diminish the significance of the occurrence; however, Nicholas Kristof, in New York Times, suggests that the Holocaust should be compared to current conflicts because it helps reevaluate some problems that are …show more content…
In the 1940s, Anne Frank was not allowed to emigrate to the United States and therefore later captured by the Nazi soldiers. Had Anne Frank been admitted into the United States, there would have been one less tragedy; however, what took away the hope from Anne was Americans’ general fear toward German immigrants. What about the current political situation? One politician who runs for president and encourages hostility toward foreigners with rhetoric would be Donald Trump and his skyrocketing popularity uncovers the national wide fear of terrorism. The Holocaust offers a significant warning on the current policy on immigration; that is, most refugees are merely people who look for safety and people should forsake their aloofness to the victims. Some people may be frightened of ISIS soldiers entering the United States as refugees, but that is, in fact, not an efficient way for them to invade America because “slipping in a European recruit and exploiting the visa waiver gap in U.S. security would probably be a smarter use of terrorist assets.” (Reilly, Elizabeth). In the eyes of foreigners, United States is a cosmopolitan policeman, and why would a policeman not save lives? The appropriate universalization of the Holocaust helps to expose the weakness on

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