The Holocaust : A Tragedy Of The Jewish People Essay

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“The Holocaust is not only a tragedy of the Jewish people; it is a failure of humanity as a whole.” Moshe Katsaw. The Holocaust was a global tragedy that occurred in the 1940’s, it affected every corner of the world and killed approximately 11 million people. Of the 11 million, 6 million were Jewish people, and of the 6 million Jewish people 1.5 million were children. One might wonder how in modern history something so horrific could take place. The answer is simply ignorance. When the Holocaust took place, fear was wreaking havoc in Germany, they were in an economic depression, as well just settled for defeat at the end of WWI. While the tragedy was encouraged and accepted in Germany and concord areas, it was a tragedy nonetheless.

Germany fell greatly after World War One, causing a recession. The recessions major cause was due to the fact that instead of taxing the people Germany borrowed money from other countries. This racked up an unbelievable amount of debt. To pay off this debt they printed more money, causing skyrocketing inflation. At this point people were going from middle class to poor, Germany was failing as a country and its people were very scared. Through all of the chaos, the Jewish people retained their wealth and their businesses due to smart planning and other factors. Anti-Semitism rose in the country of Germany, people began to blame the Jewish people for their own failure. In turn, rose a horrific power named Adolf Hitler. Hitler grew up in Austria.…

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