The Holocaust: A Tragedy Of The Jewish People

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“The Holocaust is not only a tragedy of the Jewish people; it is a failure of humanity as a whole.” Moshe Katsaw. The Holocaust was a global tragedy that occurred in the 1940’s, it affected every corner of the world and killed approximately 11 million people. Of the 11 million, 6 million were Jewish people, and of the 6 million Jewish people 1.5 million were children. One might wonder how in modern history something so horrific could take place. The answer is simply ignorance. When the Holocaust took place, fear was wreaking havoc in Germany, they were in an economic depression, as well just settled for defeat at the end of WWI. While the tragedy was encouraged and accepted in Germany and concord areas, it was a tragedy nonetheless.

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The mistreatment started out small in the grand scheme of things, though each step seemed like a new and improved hell. Their business were taken away as well as their homes. They were then forced into ghettos. Debating on where you were in Germany it was not much different from your daily lives compared to it being the beginning of an unforeseen nightmare. The Jewish people made their own forms of government within the ghettos, which in some places was respected by the Nazi control. This went on for a while and the Jewish people had thought they 'd seen the worst of it. The order was then sent out to line them up and force them into a cattle car to a “work camp”. This set fear in the Jewish people 's hearts. It started in the heart of Germany, escapees would tell their story whomever would listen. People in the outskirts had to wait for their day in fear that it would be tomorrow. Once it was their turn, some 200 people were shoved into an 80 person cattle car, giving no protection against the weather and very scarce food and water if any. Most died on the way to concentration camps. Once dead, their bodies were stripped of the clothing and pushed off to make room and more warmth. Thus proving whatever lies ahead of the railroad was going to be

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