The Holiday Season Is Truly A Magical Time Essay

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The holiday season is truly a magical time. It is a time for relaxing, a time for families to come together, and a time for giving. While most celebrate in the comforts of their home, many do not think of the reality that on any given night in the United States, half a million people are homeless. Some sleep in shelters, others on the streets; roughly one-quarter of these people are children. Thousands of individuals around the world battle with the unrelenting realities of poverty, homelessness, and starvation every day. They experience this even on a holiday like Thanksgiving, where the principal thought of this day is to give thanks to the blessings of the harvest and loved ones. In our local community in the District of Columbia, the capital of the nation saw 11,623 people without permanent shelter last year on Thanksgiving weekend. This Thanksgiving, I was blessed with the ability and cognizance to help the homeless and starving individuals around the city, accommodating them in having a remarkable and memorable Thanksgiving weekend. The vision for this project was to give back to those less fortunate, but to also to do my portion in sharing happiness and optimism through the distributions of a meal and a smile.
Donating an item or money to a charity for those in need may be fulfilling. However, nothing can compare to giving a meal prepared for someone who will not have one this thanksgiving. Additionally, seeing the bright smile on their faces as they…

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