The Hiwi Is An Example Of A Modern Hunter Gatherers Group Essay

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The Hiwi is an example of a modern hunter-gatherers group. They obtained most or all of their food by hunting wild animals or gathering wild plants. This term is also known as hunter-gatherer or forage. The Hiwi reveals there are a lot of variations within the diet of small foraging society. The Hiwi source for food are diverse, they gathered different kind of animal and plants from different places such as savannas, forest, rivers, and swamps. Because of the geographical factors, Hiwi doesn 't eat the same thing for the whole year. They have to hunt and gather food depending on the weather and season. During the rainy season, for example, the Hiwi hunt animals in the forest, rather than lakes and lagoons. The main sources for Hiwi people 's meat are capybara, deer, armadillo, feral cattle, collared peccary, fish, and some turtles. The source of meat that they less consumed are iguanas, lizards, wild rabbits, and birds. The Kiwi also consume food like palm nuts, palm hearts, several different fruits, and honey. The Hiwi also bought foods from another village such as rice, noodles, cornflour, and sugar.

I think the Hiwi diet doesn 't support the claims of Paleo dieters that live in modern cities. Paleo diet is a diet based on the foods that people from the paleothic era (around 2.6 million years ago) consume. The diet basically tells us to abandon our modern agricultural diets, such as dairy and processed food and eats like our paleolithic ancestor. The Hiwi diet is a proof…

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