The History Of The Yuma Territorial Prison Essay

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A prison that was built by its own inmates was the Yuma Territorial Prison. I will be writing about the history of the Yuma Territorial Prison, I will be describing in detail what the prison looked like and what the prisoners did, the prison was built in Yuma, Arizona because Yuma is really hot and dry and there is nothing surrounding it, my limitations to further research are that i 've never seen the prison in person and i don 't know what the prisoners did on a daily bases except for what picture show. The prison was first opened on july 1, 1876 after it was authorized by Legislature in 1875. The prison was a very modern prison for its time it gave prisoners comforts that other prisoners did not have. There was a few escapes and a number of deaths before the prison shut down years later.
The legislature for the Yuma Territorial prison started in Phoenix, Arizona in 1868 and was authorized in 1975 for $25,000 as the first prison in Arizona. The prison opened in 1876 and remained running as a prison from 1876 to 1909, throughout these years the prison was in construction the whole time.
In a land of four acres sets the yuma territorial prison. For the late 1800s this was a pretty modern prison. This prison had a lot of things that other prisons did not have at the time, the prison was in construction the whole time because they just kept adding new buildings and new things. This prison had a hospital for the prisoners, the prisoners even received dental health. For the…

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