Essay on The History Of The United States

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What began as a research paper relating how the people of Puerto Rico were moved from the island, onto the United States because of corporate manipulations; became something deeper as my research continued. I decided to try to follow what were the reasons that drove my grandparents to come to the United States during the early 1960’s, and settle in New York City. To begin such a task is first to understand what the island was experiencing during that time of the 1960’s. Understanding from the book titled the History of the United States, written by Howard Zinn; we understand that usually the pattern of a militarily superior culture is to instill its will on peoples and begin to manipulate their resources and remove their land rights. As, seen with the European predecessors who practiced a New World practice of land grabbing by genocide and forced labor; the United States during the 1830’s, to which the Native American lands were removed from them using a policy of Indian removal, forced relocation and imminent domain practices, to which decimated the Indian tribal governments and their numbers. The island of Puerto Rico experienced a similar tactic of land removal, but with a less visually violent effect. According to Zinn, the Native Indian lands were taken from them often by force and other times by trickery. The force aspect resulted in violent displacement. Many early settlers instigated fights with the local Indian tribes in order to gang up and fight…

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