The History Of The Death Penalty

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The history of the death penalty begins with British colonists, who referred to the English penal codes in determining the law and the punishment. The codes include over fifty offenses that the death penalty could be used for, including rape, witchcraft, blasphemy adultery, and murder. The death penalty satisfied the goals of the law. The first criminals were be headed to make sure that they did not repeat their crime. The death penalty is fair and should be carried out in all states The most famous methods of execution in Europe and great Britain was beheading with was usually for the upper class, while hanging was for other criminals. when there was a desire to make sure the traitors and other criminals suffered as much as possible, they might be left to dangle for a …show more content…
If the death penalty deters, the by definition, it results in a society in which there would be if the death penalty were not invoked. Current debate on capital punishment centers, as usual, on question of deterrence and retribution. some death penalty supporters argue that in certain instances the threat of the death penalty stops people from committing murder, and that this alone justifies capital punishment (Mitchell106). The death penalty is society’s way of telling a person that when he/she commit a crimes as bad as murder they are not fit to line among us. The death penalty while not bring back the victims of the violent crime, but will act as a deterrent of crime and it will save lives those who disagree only need to look at the account of the August 1977 riot at Eastern Correctional Facility, where correctional officers being held hostage overheard inmates deciding against executing the hostages because at the time, it was a capital offense. without the death penalty as a tool for jurists, a murderer can kill again without consequence

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