The History Of Roller Coasters Essay example

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Garciano, Mark, and Jeff Wurfel. "Roller Coasters." Roller Coasters. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2015. This source discusses the history of roller coasters, the progression of them through the years as well as analyzes the aspects that come along with the rides. One specific aspect are the people that get in line to ride these coasters. The authors argue that these people can be grouped into 3 categories: people that love roller coasters, people that like them and then people that cannot stomach them. The authors go on to say that roller coasters have the capability to provide the riders with “an experience that nature never intended humans to have.” This really explains what roller coaster’s jobs are besides amusement— to thrill. The authors provide another explanation for roller coasters that others have never made the connection of. In addition to this explanation, the authors touch on the history of the first coaster, the switchback railway in 1890 by Marcus Thompson as well a slight description of what this “coaster” would entail. Not only do they touch on the history side of things but also the safety aspects of a roller coaster. Their ultimate conclusion that being in a car is more dangerous than riding a roller coaster gives comfort to readers as well as shows the gigantic safety aspects and precautions a roller coaster must have. They add that roller coasters are mainly operated by computer design systems that have been evolving to being more predictable and reliable.…

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