The Historical Period Of Puritan American Literature Essay

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Following the historical period of Puritan American literature, a new literary movement during the mid 18th century to the early 19th century from Europe introduced a new school of thinking in literature. The Age of Enlightenment sprouted new ideas concerning philosophical ideas of liberty and freedom. Enlightenment literature also explored the concepts of democracy and reasoning. The central ideas of Enlightenment literature surrounded itself, in a sense, as a rejection of religion, specifically church dogma, in favor of new ideas that focused on reasoning. The rise of these ideas resulted from the advances of empirical science, skepticism toward old traditions and authority, and the focus on reasoning and intelligence. Enlightenment writing shifted away from Puritan writing that highlighted concepts of God providence, salvation, and people’s sins. As a result, the Era of Enlightenment, however, was not entirely shifted from a society of religious ideas to that a society of rationality. Calvinism perspectives of religion were still prevalent, but the rise of Deism emphasized God as a powerful clockmaker who left the world after its creation. Many new ideas were introduced such as how leadership should be gained by meritocracy instead of birthrights. Other ideas from Enlightenment thinkers emphasized scientific explanations and observations of the world, and highlighted the importance of human 's rights. Another consequences of these political and radical shifts in thinking…

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