The Historical Events Of The Armory Show Essay

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The Armory Show was one of the most important events that took place during the 1900s due to the fact that it introduced modernized European art. Thousands and thousands of people had come from all over to see all the art styles that they have never seen before. Although the Armory Show was an exciting time for the artists who had their work displayed, it was also a controversial time since most people thought that none of the pieces on display were art. Since most of the pieces were different it brought an extreme amount of media attention to the exhibit. The exhibit had over one thousand paintings on display for the general public to see, and not one of the pieces was something that the public was used to seeing. In the beginning of the 1900s most people were used to seeing portraits of Kings, Queens, and the famous painters. This is why most of this new art came as a shock when being seen for the first time. After critics had reviewed the exhibit they thought that it should be shut down since it doesn’t seem like it’s of any worth looking at. Even though most people didn’t approve of the exhibit there was a good amount that were very interested in the art and actually enjoyed exploring the different types of art that weren’t introduced to them earlier. The Armory Show impacted the American art scene by showing new ways to create art. There is not just one ideal way to paint and there is not a set of individuals that you are supposed to paint. An example that most of the…

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