The Historic Struggle Of Life And Choice Essay

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The Historic Struggle of Life and Choice
In the pre-1800s, there was no definite rule of the land on the abortion; there was only civil law tradition of punishing abortion if abortion is done after the fetus was viable; the standard of whether the fetus was viable was “quickening”. After the quickening, women abort the fetus were charged less than the murder (Lecture Feb. 2; page 5). In the 1821-1841, the abortion providers were criminalized in the few state level, but still the commercialization of the abortion increased the accessibility to an abortion (page 6).
Later half of the nineteenth century is when the abortion matter became the urgent issues to the most states, due to the AMA’s efforts to criminalize abortion for both the patients and the providers; the anti-abortion won its victories in 1900, thereby making most the states to formally outlaw abortion (page 11). The first wave feminism on the other hand, through the promotion of the voluntary motherhood, thought that a woman can deviate from unwanted pregnancies, and therefore regarded abortion as not only unnecessary, but also heinous to the rights of the women, since men would coerce women to go through abortion. However, they were not incontrovertibly against abortion (page 12).
However, even up until the 1940s, illegal abortion services were available to women who needed the service. In order to be persecuted, women needed to be in a critical condition, which allows the medical authorities to intervene. If…

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