The High Core State Standards Essay

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he challenge for schools across the state and nation is how to instruct students for them to reach the proficiency levels demanded in the Common Core State Standards. The National Governors Association defines the Common Core State Standards Initiative as “a state-led effort to establishing a single set of clear educational standards for English-language arts and math that states can share and voluntarily adopt” (“NGA”). The design of the standards is to emphasize the rigorous content and practices required for higher order thinking, depth of knowledge, and application at every grade level. The standards include what students should know in English and mathematics, and transforms education in America. Even with the existing controversy, the standards in Common Core include what students should know in English and math to be successful in college and career.
The Common Core State Standards address the achievement gap by ensuring students leave school with the ability to apply and articulate conceptual understanding that reinforces content skills. The new standards allow the states to address the issue of what students should know and learn to achieve adequate preparedness for college and the workforce (Rotman 10). Several studies (Newman and Roskos, Porter, and Schmidt and Houang) report on the success of the early implementation of Common Core. Schmidt and Houang considered the characteristics of Common Core recognizing focus, rigor, and coherence as important factors…

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