The Hidden Problem Of Elder Abuse Essay

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The Hidden Problem of Elder Abuse According to the American Psychological Association (n.d), every year, it is estimated that close to 4 million elderly Americans have been subjected to some type of physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. Many have also been victims of neglect or exploitation by someone they depended on for care. These are just estimates because currently there are no official statistics; the last official report was published in 2005 by the National Center on Elder Abuse ("Frequently asked questions about elder abuse," n.d.). These numbers could just be the tip of the iceberg: it is also estimated that for every one case of abuse that is reported, there could be as many as 23 cases that go unreported because the victims are afraid to tell anyone that someone they depend on or love is hurting them ("Adult Protective Services (APS)," n.d.).
Due to modern medicine and better treatment of diseases, people are living longer, though not always in the best of health. When their health is compromised, the elderly person is no longer able to take care of themselves and become dependent on family, friends, paid caregivers or long-term care facilities. These are the people who potentially become their abusers. Although some abuse happens in long term care facilities, NCEA statistics from 2005 show that 66% of elderly abuse was done by an adult child or spouse, and that most abuse and neglect happens in the home. This type of abuse is called…

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