The Hero's Journey In Billy Jack: The Call To Adventure

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A hero or heroine is a person who is idealized for their accomplishments and achievements and may feel that "...something is lacking from the normal experiences available or permitted to the members of his society" (Campbell 1). Within the hero 's journey there are various steps that are taken in order for the hero to accomplish what he is set out to do. The steps in the hero 's journey consist of the Departure, the Initiation and the Return. Each of these segments of the journey have separate substeps within them. In the Departure the substeps are The Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call, Supernatural Aid, Talisman, Companions, Threshold Guardians, and The Crossing of the First Threshold. In the Initiation the substeps are The Road of Trials, Sacred Marriage, …show more content…
The first substep The Call to Adventure is when the hero is encountered with an event or a signal that invites them to take the journey that they are to set out upon and other times the hero can be forced into the journey. After the hero accepts the call to adventure he sets about the journey and is prepared for the trials that he is about to face throughout the expedition. To demonstrate the Call to Adventure, the movie Billy Jack shows a couple examples of the main character named Billy Jack being called to his journey. In the beginning of the movie, Billy Jack encountered Deputy Mike, Stuart Posner and Bernard Posner attempting to illegally kill wild horses on the reservation which symbolizes his call. Another call for Jack is when Barbara was found sleeping and also injured on hay stacks in the reservation. Another example of a call to adventure is in the short story "Do Not Go Gentle". When the parents were being faced with grief and the potential loss of their child, the mother and father are called to try and bring a positive light to the hospital in order to help their baby and the other children in the intensive care unit have a healthy

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