Hero Journey

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Companions are the people that can help the hero through various tasks such as fighting in battle, learning a lesson, or achieving a particular goal during the journey. The companions, like the supernatural aid and talisman, are helpful to the hero in assisting the hero in accomplishing his goals and therefore having his journey be successful. With this in mind, the companions of Billy Jack are the school students, Jean who provides him with advice, Cole who supported Jean and protected the school, Barbara, the Doctor who supported the Indian people and defended them, as well as Martin. Another example is the doctors in the short story that helped the parents battle Mr.Grief through helping their child maintain stability. Threshold guardians …show more content…
In order to prove himself, the hero needs to go through a series of trials that show they are worthy to have the status of a hero. Within the trials the hero can either go a physical deed or a spiritual deed. The physical deed is when the hero saves lives or does a courageous act. The spiritual deed is when the hero learns something related to supernatural life and then comes back to his home with a message to give to the people. One of the challenges faced by the hero is called the Brother Battle. During this trial the hero often faces a battle that can be either psychological or physical. The battle can be with a symbolic brother or the battle can be with the biological brother of the hero. Billy Jack 's brother battle is with Jean due to his violence that clashes with her passivism. In the short story, the brother battle that can be seen is the fight between the husband and wife. Furthermore, another trial faced is called the Dragon Battle. This battle can either be literal or figurative depending on the particular hero 's journey being experienced. In some stories the hero can be fighting an actual dragon and in others the hero can be fighting inner battles with either doubt of their own personal abilities, fears that they have toward the expedition ahead or other issues that the hero is facing within themselves. Jack 's dragon battles are inner demons that he faces. His aggression toward the town 's people 's prejudice towards the Indian reservation and school and his agression towards Stuart Posier and Brenard Posier are the inner demons that he constantly battles. The father and mother in the short story face an internal battle with grief. What helps represent this internal battle is when the mother was portrayed fighting Mr. Grief in a metaphorical physical

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