The Hero Of Beowulf: The Epic Hero

Kaimesha McLean
Mrs. Joyner
English 4 Honors
16 December 15
Beowulf: The Epic Hero In the Anglo-Saxon epic, Beowulf, Beowulf’s character portrayed him as an epic hero and not just a warrior. Certain qualities essential for an epic hero such as bravery, pride, and strength. The story of Beowulf connects with the old culture of Anglo-Saxon literature. Beowulf’s boasting and his farewell in the book made a connection to his heroic deeds throughout the whole story. Throughout Beowulf’s three battles with Grendel, Grendel’s, mother, and the Dragon he displays all of his epic hero characteristics. Beowulf not only takes up for himself but the people around him. In the beginning, Beowulf introduces his idea of boasting. Beowulf’s boasting demonstrates
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If he did not want to become an epic hero he could avoided all the chaos. As an Anglo-Saxon hero his skills included risking his life for better outcomes and it also consisted of “providing the common people with a sense of security and displaying honor in every act”(Jankowski). Towards the end of the battle with Grendel, Beowulf heroic traits come out and he defeats Grendel as well as cutting his arm off and keeping it as a souvenir. “The battle was over, Beowulf had been granted new glory” (Raffel 50). Beowulf’s tasks get accomplished, he saves the helpless people of Herot and his glory becomes …show more content…
The pride Beowulf has becomes overpowered which makes him not want to “back down out of any fight” (Tomioka). His previous clashes with the other varmints makes his pride stronger which gives him the authority to believe he can defeat the dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon wins and kills Beowulf with his poisonous blood after Beowulf stabs him. “We shall see, soon, who will survive this bloody battle, stand when the fighting is done…and everything hidden in that tower, will be mine” (Raffel 57). Beowulf verifies that if he wins he will get all of the dragon’s treasure but if he loses then he shall get “swept to a bitter death” (Raffel 57). Beowulf fought a good battle with the dragon which made him stronger mentally. Before Beowulf’s passing he mentions that his position as a king will get passed over to Wiglaf and how he wants Wiglaf to serve his people since his time had come to an end. “Our father in heaven, ruler of the Earth--- for all of this, that his grace has given me…what I leave, Wiglaf, lead my people, help them; my time is gone”(Raffel 61). After Beowulf speech he passes on and Wiglaf becomes the new King of the Danes in the memory of

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