The Hero's Journey in Film: the Boondock Saints Essay

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The Hero’s Journey in Film: The Boondock Saints
The idea of a clear and precise pattern that nearly all heroes follow is not something new. In fact, one of the most famous examples of a hero cycle is the one created by Joseph Campbell. In his world-renowned book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell sets up and explains how every hero follows the same basic path until he/she winds up back at the beginning and another cycle begins. “The mythical hero…is lured…to the threshold of adventure…journeys through a world of unfamiliar yet strangely intimate forces…undergoes a supreme ordeal…” and then returns back to his home either a hero and changed person or a coward and disgrace (Campbell 211). After the challenges are dealt with in some
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This is their “call to adventure” (Campbell 210), a rare instance where it really is someone calling to them, and it also opens the gate to allow them on an extraordinary stage. The brothers decide to listen to their dream and during the next few days, Connor and Murphy find a few mob bosses and other evil men, kill them all, and “fix the situation with an iron fist” (The Boondock). Their refusal of the call comes shortly after they kill their first victims. It comes when they turn themselves in to the police for the murder, however they are released because the thugs happen to be notorious mobsters that the police had been chasing for months. At first, their actions are seen only as murders, but then people start to see that only the criminals and corrupt people are being removed from the streets and start to believe in these ‘Saints’. The mentor that the brothers meet is Il Duce, or The Duke, who helps them kill the Italian mob boss, Yakavetta, with his insight into the running of an average mob. The Duke knows how a mob works from his experience in past interactions. It is revealed at the end of the story that Il Duce is really Noah McManus, the McManus brothers’ father. The heroes pass the first threshold after killing multiple mob members. They realize that this is their destiny and therefore must embrace it and continue, for it is God’s will for them. They pass this threshold and continue past it

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