The Help Racism

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The Help, written by Kathryn Stockett, was set during the 1960s, which was also when the Civil Rights Movement was occurring. During this time, life was extremely tough for black people, but even more so for black women. There were two major problems during the Civil Rights Movement, racism and gender stereotyping. Blacks, as a whole, were treated very poorly due to the simple fact, they were a different color. They were never even given a chance. Without even knowing them, white people instantly labeled blacks as dumb, and unworthy of life. The Help offers a chance for blacks to come forward, and have a chance to talk about how they feel. Ms.Skeeter gave black maids a chance to describe what it was like and how they felt. Although life was terrible for blacks, it was even worse for black women. During this time period, men were thought to be the head of the house, or superior.
Black people were at an extreme disadvantage during this time period. According to an online
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Racism was by far the worst issue at the time (“The 1960s” 2010). In schools, children were taught to be racist. Teachers taught children that blacks were not good enough and weren’t equal. Because of this, children thought that racism was right and that the things the teachers were saying were true. The children didn’t know what was right and wrong, they were young and just trying to get an education. However, Mae Mobley’s teacher, Ms. Taylor, was a little late getting to Mae Mobley. Mae Mobley was taught by Aibileen that all people were equal no matter the color of their skin. Aibileen taught Mae Mobley about the green martian, Martin Luther King junior, that went marching through Washington D.C. to prove that everyone was equal no matter their color (Stockett 349). If it was not for Aibileen, Mae Mobley would end up being just like her mother, Elizabeth, Ms. Hilly, Ms.Taylor, or even as far as the

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