The Heat Wave Of The United States Essay

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The 1980 Heat Wave in the United States
Disasters, as the word suggests, is a phenomenon that actually tends to spell a doom on the regular routine of an entire society and depending upon its size and effects it can even cause a change in the working process of an entire country. Basically, when something big happens that we cannot stop or cannot change is known as a disaster. Every year, millions of people are affected by the natural disasters and man-made disasters (Georgian Med News, 2011). In this paper, we will discuss about a natural disaster that took place in the United States and the studies in Disasters preparedness.
The effect of disaster can be huge and life changing as well. Anything in huge quantity or anything beyond its limit can be hazardous to health and can kill people. So can the air, water, fire, and temperature etc. Excessive air can turn into a tornado and can take several lives. Similarly, excess water can turn into the flood and drown down a society itself. Heat can turn into heat waves and leave drought behind to spell a doom of the mankind and agriculture.
The effects of the disasters leave behind can vary depending upon the type of disaster, the area it hits, the type of country it happens in and of course the strength of the disaster itself. On a common platform, it is seen that disasters have its effects on the social, economic and technical aspects of a society or a country. In case a disaster takes place in an industrialized country, it is…

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