The Healthcare Field That Affect The Iron Triangle Essay

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There are so many aspects to the healthcare field that affect the “Iron Triangle”. It is up to us as

healthcare manager to know healthcare in and out so we can implement and decide what direction we

need to direct our staff everyday.. We need to understand the impact modern medicine has, why

healthcare cost is rising, what major issues we are facing, understanding Medicaid and Medicare and

the current state of national health policy. If we were to change one thing it would have to be that there

would be a cap on how things are charged so that people were not overcharged for something just

because the doctor can. This would help the health care system so much in having a budget to plan for

national epidemics.

Modern medicine has made a huge impact on not only the health system but a well as the views

on how people should be treated ( “Impact of Technology on Healthcare – AIMS EDUCATION,”

2013). Today’s technology is more advanced and more effective but it is also more expensive and there

is an increasing pressure regarding the best way to use the resources provided. Any new technology has

a certain type of risk involved. The concern with that is 44,000 to 98,000 Americans die each year due

to medical errors in the hospital as well as 7,000 medication errors each year ( “Impact of Technology

on Healthcare- AIMS EDUCATION,” 2013).

There are pros and cons to technology and diagnostics are easier and more accurate. When it

comes to surgery they…

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