Essay about The Health Problem Of Malaria

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The proposed program will address the health problem of Malaria in children 0-5 years old in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. (I haven’t find a specific site yet but I know that I want my intervention to take place in the city)
Geographic placement
Kenya is located on the eastern coast of Africa surrounded by Ethiopia on the North, Somalia on the northeast, South Sudan in the Northwest, Uganda on the West, Tanzania on the South and the Indian ocean on the east (Kenya Malaria Indicator Survey 2015). Kenya is about five times the size of Ohio and a little over twice the size of Nevada (The world Fact Book: Kenya 2016). Kenya is divided into four regions. On the west are the highland regions, where the capital Nairobi is located and where this intervention will take place. The temperature in the highlands is mild, it ranges from 79°F to 50°F with the mean temperature 66°F in Nairobi. Two seasons occurred throughout the year in the highlands. The dry season occurred from January- March, and July-October while the rainy season occurred in April, may, November and December. In the north of Kenya is the arid desert region. This is where the nation highest temperature, 109°F, occurs. It doesn’t rain a lot in this region, in some parts, it only rains 250mm (10 in) a year. The savannah lands of the South region are cooler while the fertile lowlands region along the coast is hot and dry (Kenya Malaria Indicator Survey 2015).
Kenya natural resources are limestone, soda ash, salt,…

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