The Health Problem Of African Americans Essay

1627 Words Jan 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Many things affect poverty that makes it worse and harder to address, the health of African citizens is one of them. When people get sick they go to a doctor or go to a pharmacy to get medicine, those in Africa are not that lucky. They do not get those pleasures which everyone else is accustomed to. When someone from Africa gets sick it could be a serious issue that they do not know how to treat it or they do not have the needed medicine to fix it. The definition of health is to be free from an illness or injury, which is what many Africans lack. The health issue in Africa affected from poverty needs to be helped, because that can lead to Africa’s poverty burden being lessened. Some people do not think that is their problem to fix it, and leave to everyone else or just let the Africans deal with it. Health in Africa has been failing for years due to poverty because they do not have the necessary resources, do not receive immunizations, a lack of containment, and cannot provide healthy lives.
Though many countries lack resources and funds for medical care, most of those countries are not as poverty stricken and widespread as they are when majority of people get sick they go to a hospital and get treated, but in Africa the hospital they go to can lack basic resources needed to treat them. In African hospitals there is a ratio of 1.15 medical workers for every 1,000 patients (“Health”). With this large of a difference it can lead to many unnecessary deaths. This could also lead…

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