The Health Care System Of Any Country Provides Demand For Its Services And Coverage Of The Public Health Facilities

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The health care system of any country ensures that it maintains demand for its services and coverage of the same to the public. Coverage refers to the percentage of people in need of the health services who actually access them. The demand for and coverage of the health care services are impacted by many factors and client satisfaction is among them. The level of satisfaction to a service determines its utilization.
The Kenyan government has demonstrated the commitment to increase the coverage of health services in the country as well as maintain the demand by the people. The initiation of ‘free maternity services’ policy by the government and subsequent incorporation of the ‘Beyond Zero’ campaign are the most recent developments attempting to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number five- improve maternal health. Today, women in Kenya can access free delivery services in the public health facilities. Moreover, the beyond zero campaign has seen the introduction of mobile clinics where women can access the free delivery services (Beyond Zero, 2015). This is aimed at reducing the distance barrier in implementing the free-delivery policy.
In a report to determine the key points from an evaluation of a similar free maternity services policy in Ghana; Witter, Adjei, Armar-Klemesu & Graham, (2009) reported that other countries had initiated similar policies but no formal evaluation of the services had been conducted. Countries such…

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