The Health And Safety Of Workers Essay

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The health and safety of workers has not always been a main concern for companies in the past. Production and profit was usually the main focus even if it was at the expense of the safety and health of the workers. The focus on workplace safety began during the industrial revolution when the incidents of worker injuries and deaths started to sharply rise (Rodriguez, 2012). In just one year from 1912-1913, the National Safety Council estimated that there were 82 unintentional work related deaths a year for every 100,000 workers in urban areas (National Safety Council, 2012). Many different laws were put into place throughout the 1900s that aimed to protect the safety, health, and general wellbeing of employees in the workplace. Beginning in the 1970s, OSHA and other similar regulating agencies were created in order to ensure that workers were protected against unsafe working conditions. These agencies did this by developing regulations and standards that improved and maintained safety (Austin, 2008). Unfortunately, despite the agencies and laws in place, thousands of workers every year are still injured or killed while on the job (National Safety Council, 2012).

Possible Causes of Workplace Injuries
There are many different aspects that can contribute to workplace accidents, injuries, or deaths (Bjerkan, 2010). For the purpose of this research, two main categories will be reviewed: safety policies and procedures within the workplace and the type and level of…

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