Essay on The Guy Code, Revolution? Evolution !

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The Guy Code, Revolution? Evolution!
Many boys would say, “I want to become a super hero.” in the movies, heroes are designed as an ideal symbol of masculinity that they are physically and mentally strong enough to fight with evils. This is a general thought of masculinity that man should be strong. Today, some men are acting feminine but they still consider that knowing femininity is part of masculinity. Although heroes are strong, sometimes they are not able to deal with women as well as with evils. New century is coming, and everything is changing. A true masculinity is having a strong heart to accept all those changing.
In Michael Kimmel’s “‘Bros before Hos’: The Guy Code,” Kimmel explores the guy code that unlike women, men of different generations are giving themselves the similar restrictions of masculinity. A man should not cry, never give up, or has a powerful body. The guy code are eventually becoming comment senses that used define masculinity; however, based on the guy code, no one can be call as a man.
So what does the guy code did? The guy code is provided a way to all the boys of being a man. No sissy stuff, be a big wheel, be a sturdy oak, and gives ‘me hell, all these from guy code have in comment that a man should not show their weakness. Sissy stuff, in other words acting feminine is only for women, and women were considered as group of weakness in early century. Be a big wheel means to be powerful person that can influence the surrounding. Be a sturdy…

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