The Guy Code By Michael Kimmel Analysis

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The Guy Code, Revolution? Evolution!
Many boys would say, “I want to become a super hero.” in the movies, heroes are designed as an ideal symbol of masculinity that they are physically and mentally strong enough to fight with evils. This is a general thought of masculinity that man should be strong. Today, some men are acting feminine but they still consider that knowing femininity is part of masculinity. Although heroes are strong, sometimes they are not able to deal with women as well as with evils. New century is coming, and everything is changing. A true masculinity is having a strong heart to accept all those changing.
In Michael Kimmel’s “‘Bros before Hos’: The Guy Code,” Kimmel explores the guy code that unlike women, men of different
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The guy code is provided a way to all the boys of being a man. No sissy stuff, be a big wheel, be a sturdy oak, and gives ‘me hell, all these from guy code have in comment that a man should not show their weakness. Sissy stuff, in other words acting feminine is only for women, and women were considered as group of weakness in early century. Be a big wheel means to be powerful person that can influence the surrounding. Be a sturdy means to be reliable to any issues. “Gives ‘em hell” means to be strong enough to overcome any adversities. The GUY code just simply means to get away from femininity.
We are living in a society with opposite sex, but the guy code only reflects the view from man-side. Women are making us into men because we try to be a man for women, not for men. Kimmel points out somewhere in his work that from women’s view, a man is a living thing whose eyes are captured by their femininity, or sexuality. Which add one more thing to guy code that men should have a desire of sexual activity with women? Someone will say that this is the same as “no sissy stuff”; unfortunately, “no sissy stuff” doesn’t mean to have interest on
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How do you find out that if men don’t show an exactly action on willing a sexual activity with other men? You may surprise that a man surrounding you, who masculine enough, is a homosexual, especially in early centuries, homosexuality was still a controversial topic. In this case, will the guy code say he is man?
In the video, “A Closer Look At The Gender Merge,” the news explores a new challenging on masculinity ever that men are doing things that are originally considered for women only. Men are dressing themselves with a girly fashion, nailing, and knitting. A new generation has a new thinking. Those activities for women are now opened to everybody. The most impact from the video is their motivation of crossing gender line that they want to feel comfortable on them.
A man said in video that he feels good to keep his hand clean; another man said he feels relax to do facial; once you understand their motivations, you should never connect them to femininity. The desire of clean and rest should belong to everybody. However, the guy code is not based on the motivation, but action. Unfortunately, the guy code doesn’t agree the males refer in video as

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