The Gutierrez Magee Expedition Of 1812 Essay

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The Gutierrez Magee Expedition of 1812.

The Gutierrez Magee expedition, left a humongous scar on the state of Texas. Unlike previous wars and fights, the Expedition not only changed Texas, but also many other southwestern states. It also made possible for an expansion to the United States territory, in a magnificent way. This expedition includes a great number of rebels that fought for territories without their country’s say, nonetheless it brought forth the will to fight for independence. “Apart from the political irruption of Americans into the Spanish territories was, to a certain extent, an unconscious manifestation of the spirit of aggression, the spirit of expansion, which has at various times dominated’ the actions of the American people.” The battles were fought in the Texas-Mexico region of the states, with the goal of rid themselves of Spanish rule. In other words “The Gutierrez –Magee or Magee-Gutierrez expedition of 1812-1813 was an early filibustering expedition again Spanish Texas.” Thus, as the process commenced and departure, Gutierrez and his filibustering men took control of well-known cities; one of which was San-Antonio and Nacogdoches. Hence, the battles continued, many soldiers’ dead bodies were left on the battle field for months and sometimes years due to the fact that they were rebels whose reasons for joining was in fact just land to grow cotton on. Although “the bodies of the republicans warriors lost in battle were left to lie nine years on the…

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