The Gun Of The Regiment Essays

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Imagine a deserted island, far away from the city and its bright lights, in a place no one has ever heard before. It could be called a paper town or a ghost town. However know that nothing and no one is there. Now imagine being stranded on that exact island. Panic and fear are the only emotions being felt. But the island is not empty anymore, for now its population is three. Now resided by three of the worst people, Sarah from “Ah Love! Ah Me!”, Barett from “Take Over Bos’n” and Fear, the emotion that was just being felt in human form, from “The Rifles Of The Regiment”. These three characters possess qualities that will make surviving on a deserted island nearly impossible.
Sarah, resident number one, may have not showed who she truly was throughout her story, but she did demonstrate two key reasons on why she would be one of the worst people to be stranded with on the island. One of the reasons being the fact that she has been quite two faced. It could be detected by how she talked to Dave, and her body reactions around Dave. The way she was embarrassed throughout the entire time while they were eating, or when=. Many people would argue the fact the fact that she was nice enough to go on a date with Dave despite his mess ups, but does anyone actually know if her saying yes was just an act of pity or if it were an act of self-amusement. Throughout the movie she was not interested in anything, not even Dave, but the movie. She lead on a person, when clearly in the end she…

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