Essay on The Guest Of Honor - Original Writing

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“Absolutely not. You 're the guest of honor, and you 'll be treated as such. Why don’t you and Charlie go for a swim in the pool or hit the hot tub while I clean up here?” David said.
“A swim sounds great. I can work off all the food I just ate. I love to swim.” I said.
“Go ahead, enjoy some alone time together,” David said.
I watched David nod at Charlie, and Charlie nodded back. Okay, so this was the plan then. They would both make way for each other. I was a little relieved, as I still had no idea how this was going to play out. Clearly they had a plan though. They had a plan, and I would follow their lead.
“I’ll get some towels and meet you outside,” Charlie said to me.
I went back to my room and fetched my bathing suit out of my luggage. I had taken one to Chicago with me in the event I wanted to the use the hotel pool, which I never had. Swimming with strangers in a hotel pool was not something I could bring myself to do. I put my bathrobe on over my bikini and made my way back downstairs.
When I came back to the kitchen, David was not there, and I wondered where he had gotten off too. I went out through the sliding glass doors onto the deck and then down across the yard to the pool.
There was a table and chairs situated off to one side. Charlie was not there yet. I took off my robe, laying it on one of the chairs and dove in the pool. The water felt so good; It was heated and felt wonderful.
After doing a few laps, I finally stopped in the middle of the pool…

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