Essay on The Growth Of The Middle And Lower Class

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As the economy began to go into a recession, many people became unemployed regardless of socioeconomic background, and they needed to find a way to market themselves as employment material. According to Grace Chen (n.d.) “unemployed workers are viewing community college as a new avenue that can help keep them afloat during uncertain times” (Enrollment and the Economy section). This flux has created a growing populace of skilled and educated workers. Which has then created a competitive job market. As the middle and lower class are attending the more affordable community colleges. The upper-class has also taken to using, the traditionally more expensive, University as safe harbor in these uncertain economic times. Regardless of class, there is no denying that there is a huge surge in college enrolment.
The City of Binghamton and its colleges have kept their communities apart, with college campus and life being self-sustained outside the city bounds and Binghamton’s lower-class living in the inner city, their separate economies were relatively stable. Until this last recession, both colleges found themselves inundated with student over flow, as a result the city of Binghamton seized this as an opportunity for economic development. As lined out in a restate proposal, “Residential Market Analysis for the Blueprint Binghamton Comprehensive Plan” Prepared by Real Estate Strategies, Inc. published in 2013, which states, despite the recent population reduction there is a notable…

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