The Green Party Of The United States Essay

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Adam Rhea
Mr. LaCour
The type of Government The Green Party of the United States officially established in August 1984. The party originates as Committees of Correspondence but the name was later changed to Green Committees of Correspondence. A few people were hesitant with "green" in the organization 's name because the organizers felt that it had no relevance to social justice. In consensus, the party contrived a platform with the following values: Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Sustainability, and Economic Justice and Sustainability. In the democratic reform, the party 's goal is to be an essential political force and allow candidates to present themselves at various entry levels of the government. Some examples of the party 's goal in democracy is to have political reform, community based oriented society, and free speech and media reform. The party 's position on political reform is ceasing political corruption and to allow people to have a voice in all levels of government. According to the Green Party of the United States, this problem can be alleviated if the public financed federal, state, and local elections. Additionally, radio announced and televised elections would be free and shown on public airwaves. The reform may encourage citizens to participate in elections instead of low participation. The downside to public funding of elections is the increased value in…

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