The Greatest Patrons Of The Arts And Architectural Innovation Throughout History

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One of the greatest patrons of the arts and architectural innovation throughout history has been religion. Everywhere in the world, different cultures have had different religions and deities, but how they worship and honor them can be quite similar. During the Gothic period, churches and cathedrals were known for their pointed arches and bigger windows with colorful glasses that transformed the church on a living organism. Christ Church Anglican Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral constructed in Ottawa, Canada in 1833 on a land donated by Nicholas Sparks (1794-1862), an early landlord of Ottawa. The Cathedral was enlarged in 1841 due to the rapid growth in the population. In 1872, the church was demolished and rebuild in the Gothic style. In Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Arnoldi King McCord (1843-1904) used stained glass designed by Christopher Wallis, ornamented columns and a high wood ceiling to revive Gothic architecture to the 19th Century.
The Cathedral is located at 439 Queen Street in the northwestern part of downtown Ottawa, the west side of Sparks Street and overlooking the Ottawa River and the Chaudière Falls. The rectangular plan was not the typical form of a gothic church. (Figure 1) Most Gothic churches and cathedrals were built in the Gothic Latin cross (or "cruciform") plan. (Figure 2) Although this cathedral was rebuilt, the floor plan was kept the same. The choice to build an atypical Gothic cathedral in a rectangular form might be due to the lack of…

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