Essay on The Greatest Of All Time

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When I think about the greatest of all time. I think about Muhammad Ali because he is the best boxer to have ever boxed plus his outspokenness on issues of race, religion, and politics. Ali expresses his commitment in believing himself in his 2009 this I believe essay “ I am Still the Greatest.” Ali shares how his parent taught him the importance of always believing in himself and how they instilled a sense of pride and confidence in him. He states his will was stronger than their skills; however, his will was tested even more when he retired and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Thirty-six years after winning an Olympic gold medal he carried the Olympic torch in Atlanta in the 1996 summer games. The deafening applause he received made him believe again that “Nothing in life has defeated me”. “I Am Still The Greatest.” I believe there isn’t a tortuous route to becoming the greatest, however; just like Ali, I believe the secret is in just by simply, sincerely believing in myself: My life accomplishments are proof that simply by blocking out all the illusion fears and also telling myself [I] can do this or [I] can not quit have gotten me through all of my life’s obstacles. My life, just like everybody else, has had minor and major obstacles. Growing up life for me was wild and included long countless days. All my friends lived around the block adjacent to a soccer field where we spent most of our day. My parents and my older sibling Assad and…

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