The Greatest Nation Of The United States Of America Essay

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I just turned off my television. This misery fest that has engulfed our nation is getting very old and out of hand. At least, that is how I feel, but if Facebook and the news media are an indication, I may be in the minority. It appears that everyone including the politicians, the news media, and the people are having a grand time being miserable! Why? Our country in spite of its problems is still, by far, the greatest nation in the world. No other country can come close to matching the military power, the freedoms, and the opportunities offered to citizens in The United States of America. However, misery seems to be taking over the country.
Putting politics, economy, and world events aside, it seems misery is fast becoming a way of life for many people in this country. It gives them a sense of self-importance. It also gives them a sense of comradery with other miserable people. Miserable people sustain one another by providing empathy and encouragement to each other. They are their own best cheerleaders!
In today’s society, miserable people are also more likely to be accepted than happy people. It is unfortunate, but happy people tend to make unhappy people uncomfortable. The reason is that being happy takes effort while misery comes natural. To illustrate this point, I have listed ten of the most common habits of miserable people below. As you will see, most of these habits occur with little or no effort.
Ten Habits of Miserable People
1. Stuck in an…

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