The Greatest Ideal Of American Democracy Essay

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Democracy is the central feature of government in the United States of America. It was an idea set forth by our Founding Fathers as the building block upon which our nation would grow. Democracy is a constant in American government but it was radically changed with the election of Andrew Jackson to the presidency in 1828. Jackson wanted to bring the common people back into the government, taking it away from the elitists that had begun to dominate American politics. What was important to his philosophy was that people participate and get involved in politics regardless of their status because that was the true ideal of American democracy. This era of politics that Jackson inaugurated in 1828 became known as Jacksonian Democracy, and would shape the course of American history, as the effects of his decisions would be felt for decades to come. During this time, Jackson would get matters done no matter the cost or the methods he had to use, and he would take advantage of his elevated status with the American people to get his way. The authoritative and dictatorial manner in which he executed the office of President is often repudiated as true democracy, and instead juxtaposed to a faux monarchy.
The emergence of Andrew Jackson as a political force in America grew gradually, building on his status as war hero during the War of 1812. In 1824, Jackson ran against stiff competition in the form of John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay (Brands). With his popular appeal, Jackson won the…

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