Essay about The Great Wall Of Mexico

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The Great Wall of Mexico Illegal immigration is when a person from a different country violate the immigration laws of a particular country. Which in this case, is the United States. The U.S has roughly around 11.3 million illegal immigrants in its borders according to recent statistics. The reason why people enter this country illegally is because they can find a variety of jobs that pay well but are still low wages compared to the citizens that live in the U.S. The talk about illegal immigrants has come up in many different discussions lately. With Donald Trump making reasonable points about the subject and President Obama giving illegal immigrants a temporary citizenship until his term has ended. There’s been arguments on this issue. One party fighting for illegal immigrants and the other against illegal immigrants. The one question that everyone should be asking is. How does this affect America? The fact is that because there are so many illegal immigrants in the U.S it brings down its economy, brings up many Medical issues, and a toll on U.S wages. The growth of undocumented immigrants has stabilized over the years, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a threat to the U.S economy. “52 percent of unauthorized immigrants are made up of Mexicans that come across the border” ( The effect the undocumented immigrants have on the economy can be negative to the citizens of the U.S.When the matter of the economy is brought up its brings the topic of taxes.…

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